As Truthseekers' movement grows, more and more castes are reconciled together and they've started rejecting the spiritual hegemony of Brahmin priests. This cultural shift creates a huge void. Who will solemnize weddings now? Who will bless new houses and business? This is the problem that Truth-Keepers Discipleship program is solving. We are discipling people into solid Christ followers who will have the authority, confidence and capacity to pastor the low and out castes, including performing and presiding over the spiritual ceremonies that Brahmins once did.

Truth-Keepers discipleship is Biblical discipleship, teaching to love and obey Jesus, with a directed focus on community leadership. Truth-Keepers are active in the communities, not just performing ceremonies, but counseling and mentoring, leading worship, fighting for justice, teaching and preaching, advocating for inter-caste marriages, and training other Truth-Keepers. Our program is decentralized and Truth-Keepers are expected to start training new Truth-Keepers from day 1.